Advanced Course

Advanced AIS300 Rules

Semaphore Advance Course - modules about rules. Cover evidential, filter, logical and extraction rules in-depth.
  • Login Instructions for Your Training Environment VM.pdf
  • AIS301 Evidential Rules In-depth
  • Module AIS301 Evidential Rules in Depth.pptx
  • 301_part1 1.mp4
  • 301-part2.mp4
  • 301_part1_recap.mp4
  • AIS302 Filter Rules In-depth
  • Module AIS302 Filter rules in depth.pptx
  • 302_2_near.mp4
  • AIS303 Logical Rules In-depth
  • Module AIS303 Logic rules in-depth.pptx
  • AIS304 Extraction Rules In-depth
  • Module AIS304 Fact Extraction Rules.pptx
  • Live Session
  • Advanced Training Working Session 301 & 302-20230406_100032-Meeting Rec[...].mp4
  • Advanced Training Working Session 303 & 304-20230411_110024-Meeting Rec[...].mp4
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed