Advanced Course

Advanced AIS400 Design rulebases and model

Semaphore Advanced Training Course - design rulebases and model. Design rulebases, examine the Publisher config in-depth, examine Kid templates in-depth and design model architecture
  • Login Instructions for Your Training Environment VM.pdf
  • AIS401 Design Rulebases and Build Publisher Config
  • Module AIS401 - Design Rulebases (2).pptx
  • AIS402 Publisher Config In-depth
  • Module AIS402 - Publisher configuration file in depth.pptx
  • AIS403 Kid Templates In-depth
  • Module AIS403 Templates in depth kid flavour (2).pptx
  • AIS404 Design model architecture
  • Module AIS404 Design Model Architecture (2).pptx
  • AIS405 Velocity templates in-depth
  • Module AIS405 The Velocity writer and templates (2).pptx
  • Live Session
  • Semaphore Advanced Training Working Session 400 Series-20221020_150259-[...].mp4
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed